Book review: The Trilogy of the Circle – Dance of the Gods (Nora Roberts) – book 2

The Trilogy of the Circle - Dance of the Gods

The Trilogy of the Circle – Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts (book review)

Today I would like to tell you something about the second volume of the Trilogy of the Circle – Dance of the Gods written by Nora Roberts.

As you remember, in the first volume we have discovered the characters chosen by the goddess Morrigan and the powers each one possesse, how they adapt to team fight. We have also witnessed the love story between Hoyt and Glenna.In this volume, the six elected ones have to leave in the past through a portal in the Promised Land. There they must train to fight against Lilith’s army. Although the story of love between the future queen Moira and the vampire Cian begins to emerge, the book actually shows the story of Blair, the hunting of demons, and Larkin, the chameleon man.

If there is something I love enormously about these novels, it is precisely the fact that the author also shows practical, not just fantastic aspects. Beyond how fighting techniques are described, the reader has the opportunity to learn how to navigate space, how to take landmarks along with characters.

Every day, people are increasingly aware of the dangers they are facing and learn to control their powers more and more. Nora Roberts manages to create a fantastic, powerful world in which any reader can take on landmarks from everyday life. The tension increases progressively and the action becomes more and more acute as various struggles between the two camps, good and bad, are given.

The way in which the characters are created in The Trilogy of the Circle – Dance of the Gods shows the author’s concern not only to show the progress that is after all quite normal, but also the evolution and ability to adapt to any situation. Moira proves she is capable of being the queen by killing a vampire, Larkin has managed to draw a map to help them know the geography of places, Blair flies over the lands as a dragon, Hoyt and Glenna have managed to create a protective cloak so Cian to be able to move in the sunlight.

As I once said, Nora Roberts is the master in creating a state of anticipation of pressing situations. As you can say … the silence before the storm. Those small battles between the two enemy camps are nothing but preparation before a strong battle.

What is the idea of ​​this volume? Beyond team work, it is very important to communicate, to learn to trust each other. Blair has to decide whether to fight against the attraction for Larkin, the man with many faces, or let go and risk everything for a love that seems impossible. There are two months to the final confrontation and the 6 characters must learn to become a family, a team, friends able to sacrifice for each other.

As I said, this trilogy puts emphasis on love, loyalty, self-sacrifice for a strong cause, the fight of good against evil.

At the end, I invite you to watch the book trailer bellow.


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