Book review: The Trilogy of the Circle – Valley of Silence (Nora Roberts) – book 3

The Trilogy of the Circle – Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts (book review)

Today I would like to tell you something about the third volume of the Trilogy of the Circle – Dance of the Gods written by Nora Roberts.

As you recall in the other two volumes, we have discovered characters with special powers who learn to control their abilities, learn to fight as a team, but also discover what love means. The first two volumes have shown that the opposite are attracted … the witch and the magician, the shifter and the demon hunter.

On the same line is the notion that nobody would have thought that a queen whose parents were killed by vampires could even fall in love with such a being.

This volume represents the final battle between Good and Evil. The final battle is on the territory of evil – the Valley of Silence – which raises the souls of the innocent. This land is dominated by blood-thirsty demons. Now one really sees how united they are, what is teamwork. There is a proverb that applies perfectly in this case … where is one, there is no power, where are two, the power grows and the enemy fails.

Imagine horror scenes from a movie where you see vampires coming out of deep pits, crawling on the ground.

Imagine how the darkness descends on the earth for an evil wizard casting out the light.

Imagine an epic struggle in which you see evil raging and bringing darkness on the one hand and dragons throwing themselves into battle for knights riding their backs, flying in circles, swirling to dizziness enemies.

And now imagine Irish music played by soldiers before advancing into the great battle of Sambait.

Epic. Strong. Visual and psychic impact!

This author’s brilliance is seen through the descriptions and dialogs used to create a feeling of pressure felt by any reader. This serie written by Nora Roberts is brilliant.

Her deep, complex style determines the reader to remain anchored in that imaginary world and to visualize every moment lived intensely by the fighters of the good.

I hope you read these books because they are very interesting, the descriptions are perfect, the intensity is strong enough for you to remain a captive in the action.


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