How to make beetroot hummus

beetroot hummus

How to make beetroot hummus

There are several ways to make hummus. The clasic recipe is made with cheakpeas and tahini (sesame paste). But you can also improvise an combine different ingredients to finaly make hummus in a different way.

It is verry simple to make hummus, especially when you already have cheakpeases and beets already boiled. To be honest I don’t recommend you to boil the cheakpease at home. It takes to much time to do this an it’s happening some times that you fail to do this.

beetroot hummus

Beetroot hummus is a simple recipe. Easy to made and also verry healty. To do this, you need to combine already cooked cheakpease and beetroot, than add oil, tahini paste, salt an peper as you wish and some garlic.

So, let’s see how to do it!

  1. 240 grams of boiled cheakpeas (1 3/4 cup)

    240 grams of red beet already cooked, boiled or roasted (1 3/4 cup))

    1 or 2 Tbsp of tahini paste

    2 Tbsp of oil (sesame or other vegetable oil)

    2 cloves garlic cloves, minced

    salt, pepper to taste

How to make beetroot hummus

  1. Drain the cheakpease from the can.
  2. Peel the beetroot, grated and place it in the food procesor.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients except for the sesame oil.
  4. Blend until smooth and drizzle in the oil as the beetroot hummus is mixing.
  5. Season as needed and the serve.
  6. You can keep it in the fridge for up to a week.

If if you do give this recipe a try please let me know in a comment bellow or share a image with it on Facebook using #flavorfulideas.


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