Book review: Nerve by Jeanne Ryan


Nerve by Jeanne Ryan (book review)

In a world where people are crazy about what a reality show means, nothing can surprise you. The book Nerve, written by Jeanne Ryan, perfectly describes people’s desire to participate and win anything just to win and the desire of many to control the destiny and the actions taken by others.

The author captures very well both the greed and the aggressiveness of people, as well as the naivety of those who think that everything is just a game and that they can escape at any moment of the deadly challenge.Nerve

The book focuses mainly on adolescents not only because the main characters are adolescents, but also on the idea that action, reaction and impulsivity are specific to this age.

Jeanne Ryan surpasses how the organizers of a reality show can manipulate the masses, how they use the information they have to test the weaknesses of the participants and get as many reactions as possible to the audience with violence, humiliation and dangerous challenges.

The response of the characters is specific to their age regardless of whether they are adults or adolescents. As parents are expected to be more drastic and severe to better supervise children, the adolescent’s refusal to listen to adult counseling and advice is also expected, acting in the opposite direction just for the sake of proving that they can do whatever they want.

The desire of some to control the destinies of others and to order their actions is easy to see if you read this book. Why? Because in this book human patterns are very well described, whether we like it or not. The desire of teenagers to prove they can be adults, to make decisions, to master their decisions is described by the actions of the characters from betrayal to loyalty, from sacrifice to the willingness to sacrifice others.

Nerve is the game that challenges the participants to accept to do all sorts of actions to prove their courage. To be all the more interesting and to catch them in the game, the organizers about which almost nothing is known use the information gathered from the net about those people and offers them as an exact prize that they want more from clothes to excursions, from phone to tickets to a concert.

This book highlights the danger behind the information provided on various social networking sites on the net. It should be a warning signal for adolescents, but especially for parents who do not know what’s going on with their children.

For this reason, I would recommend that this book to be read by parents as well. Interestingly, many people forget about their age and think they can trust children, that they can let them do whatever they want. The problem is that the world we live in is no longer a simple and safe one. On the contrary. Now we live in a world full of dangers, in a growing world and people who want to either enrich themselves on the backs of others or have fun with dangerous actions and challenges are many, many more.

Nerve contains true life lessons from romance to friendship and loyalty, from survival to self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

After this book, a movie was made, but the script is somewhat different. Some believe the movie is better than the book, although the opposite is usually true. For the first time, I also agree that the film is even better than the book precisely because of the changes made by the scenario used.

Below I present the movie trailer.

Have you read the book? Have you seen the movie? What did you like most about?


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