Book review: The Trilogy of the Circle – Morrigan’s Cross (Nora Roberts) – book 1

The Trilogy of the Circle

The Trilogy of the Circle – Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts (book review)

Today I present the first book of an absolutely gorgeous trilogy in which the struggle between good and evil goes on several planes from the earthly to the spiritual, from the present in the past, with powerful characters with different powers. This article is about first book of “The Trilogy of the Circle” called “Morrigan’s Cross“, written by Nora Roberts.

I usually do not read such books where the main characters are vampires or beings with supernatural powers, but I also make exceptions. This trilogy tells about a power circle of six characters with different powers. Goddess Morrigan assembles the first six who will close a circle of power. These are Hoyt (magician) and Glenna (witch), Cian (Hoyt’s twin brother, vampire), Moira (scholar), Larkin (shapeshifter), Blair (demon hunter). They fight Lilith (the queen of the demons) and her henchmen.The Trilogy of the Circle

In the first volume we discover these characters and accompany them in their adventure to know their powers, to learn to control them. The characters are from different centuries and it takes a while to learn to adapt to the civilization and rules of the society they reach.

Beyond this subject of the battle between good and evil, in parallel, there is also a love story between magician Hoyt and the witch Glenna. The two come from different centuries and must learn to understand one another, each with a completely different experience and education in many ways.

The powers of the two grow up as their love grows and they succed to create silver crosses to protect against vampires and to make spells for weapons to give them the power of fire.

Characters learn from each other, argue, struggle with each other even if they are on the same side of the barricade, but the common purpose is to deal with Lilith and her acolytes. These fighters have to learn within three months to control their powers for the battle that is announced against the forces of evil.

In the video above you can see the first book trailer 😉

The goal is to stop Lilith from destroying mankind. They must learn to be united, to defend each other, to be ready for any kind of struggle, especially as it is not clear in what world, in what century will that powerful battle take place.

Nora Roberts manages to conquer readers through the alert, captivating style in which they create action and gradually form the personality of the characters. There are times when descriptions become annoying because everything you want is to find out sooner what’s happening. You almost feel physical as you come into that world and participate actively in everything that’s going on.

It’s almost impossible to leave your hand until you know what’s going on, how it learns to control its powers. As a reader, rarely happens to be so powerful that you have the feeling that you live every moment, every moment, every battle. I recommend this trilogy from the heart. It is exceptional.

I also present you the trilogy’s trailer. I hope you will read the books because they are amazing.


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