What you need to know about wigs (Rechoo Synthetic Wigs)


What you need to know about synthetic wigs (Rechoo Synthetic Wigs)

I’ve heard about hair extensions some time ago, but I did not pay much attention to the term. It must definitely be something for women, I though, and that was what my interest in the theme is over. I knew about wigs for a long time, from my childhood, of course, and I even saw what it looked like, to an aunt who had very rare hair and “enriched” it with a wig, usually for public exits.

Why use wigs? Why use hair extensions? There are many reasons. If we were to consider what we saw in the movies about the Middle Ages, then the answer would be simple, because that was the fashion. However, leaving the fashion aside, there are of course objective reasons for wearing wigs or hair extensions. The latter are actually a better “masked”, better “integrated” wig, which comes as a complement to the natural capillary adornment.

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So why are they turning to wigs and hair extensions? That is because people really want to have a beautiful and rich hair adornment, to look great. I could say that women in general, but also many men, have a real obsession for their hair. One could say that the hair is one that completes the image of a person, and especially because the hair is that one could see immediately, on the first view.

That is why, during various occasions, women or men prefer to use hair extensions. They appeal to specialists who use different methods of “sticking” extra hair to that already existing on the head. Of course, this “sticking” should be done as well and discreetly as possible, so it could not to be seen and to “take” more time.swig

On the Internet Rechoo.com are specialists from whom you can find out and buy anything you want in hair extensions. Therefore, we found out that there are extensions made by natural human hair and by artificial hair, as in the synthetic wigs section. A variant of artificial hair extensions is yaki synthetic wigs and it refers to a certain shape, texture of the hair, closer to the African or Caribbean.

In my searches and documentation, I have also learned that the global human hair market reaches stunning figures of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. U.S. and Western European countries are the biggest buyers, while India is the largest exporter by far away. There are other Asian countries. Indian girls have strong, thick and rich hair, which they sell to make extra money.

The most sought after on the market is virgin hair, which is, the purely natural, untreated, never painted hair. Anything from the black hair of the Indian girls can be process later, because it is treated and colored according to the customer’s requirements. Cheaper than natural hair is synthetic hair, which also allows the manufacture of good quality products.


The hair texture for wigs and/or extensions can be in different shapes, from smooth hair (sleek) to that of Asians in the Far East, continuing with yaki (African / Caribbean) typology, to loops of all kinds, spirals or waves. Colors also could vary greatly, from black intense to golden or very light blond hair, imitating the colors of natural hair, but also colors from the “exotic” color range (pink, purple, or other colors requested by clients).

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Have you ever used synthetic wigs? What do you thik about Recho synthetic wigs?


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