Why would anyone wear a wig?

Why would anyone wear a wig?

I have written in a previous article about wigs and hair extensions, and now I have decided to come back with another one. That is because in the first article I had focused more on hair extensions. As the interest of the readers was noticeable, I decided for this article to document myself and write more about wigs. However, why would anyone wear a wig?

Fashion has been and is one of the reasons. It seems, however, that people used wigs more in the past than they do it now. The difference however is the price, because in the Middle Ages and the Modern History period, the noble classes wore more wigs, but today these are accessible to anyone.pink wigs

In the past wigs were also a distinctive sign for various classes or social categories. For example, the judges wore a certain type of wig, while the soldiers (in the salon, not in the battles) wore other models. The women in ancient times used many other specific models of wigs too.

Today everyone could wear wigs, to enrich the beauty of the capillary adornment if the hair is rarer, or it has been lost due to natural causes or by counter-effect of some aggressive medication like cytostatics in cancer treatments. People use to wear wigs on various occasions and at work place just like that.

From UniWigs I found out that there are two categories of materials used to fabricate wigs, as are hair extensions: natural human hair and synthetic materials. For example in the category front lace wigs synthetic there are some quality products which looks like similar to human hair.

A section dedicated to young girls is “colored” by hot pink wigs, even there could be other categories of women whom pink color fetch strong feelings. By the way, pink is so provocative!medusa wigs

Although we might think that wigs made by natural human hair are more expensive, this is not a general rule, because we have seen some more expensive synthetic wigs than others in natural hair.

The model, the design, the color, some characteristics like mechanical resistance and other environmental factors are very important in establishing the price of the final product.

What is more important at all is the fact that prices of wigs are acceptable for anyone. I could say about prices that are fair prices, meaning a fair ratio price-quality.

Even you are not intending to buy a wig for you, you may consider it for the future and you could find many ideas for your hairstyle arrangement. As “a picture makes like a thousand words,” I suggest you to look the all the images of thousands of wigs presented, because even there are made by natural human hair or by synthetic materials, there are all very beautiful.

If you want to get a fabulous hairstyle, there are specialists in wigs design and arrangement. Maybe you could ask to your hairstylist to obtain a hairstyle arrangement of your natural hair to be similar to a wig you saw on internet.


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